Affresco Caravan Chelsea Georgian Izumi Sato Cinaras


He was our guest. He is a famous gambler,
Adventurer. His name is Ostap Bender.
Time and again, always risking his head,
He sought a dozen chairs, seldom getting ahead.
But never ever did he try to cheat
Or disappoint the Caravan he loved,
Respected; though he did not find,
While sat and dined in our restaurant,
That sought by him the lucky chairs are
So calmly furnished in our Caravan.



 The classic dish of Jewish cuisine, one of the best appetizers made from salted herring fillets, butter, spices and vegetables .
Name of the dish means: “anticipation”, as this appetizer is served before a main course - meant to set your taste buds going. If you like herring as we love it, be sure to learn how to cook it.
Clean salted herring from the bones, then mince herring and leave it aside. Soak 200 gr. of bread in milk. In the meantime, prepare 3 hardboiled eggs: separate the yolks, grind them and add black pepper, a teaspoon of mustard , two tablespoons of apple vinegar, two teaspoons of sugar and a quarter cup of olive oil. Now it is time to mix minced herring fillets with egg yolks , soaked bread and two peeled minced sour apples. Refrigerate before serving. Serve Forshmak on black Russian bread and ask your family members and friends to join the feast!



One can hardly imagine Russian cuisine without pancakes , equally loved by children and adults. Classic pancakes – thin , delicate , fragrant – at the "12 chairs" restaurant are served with a variety of toppings: caviar, salmon, honey… Pancakes can be so tasty and complement the main course and even make a wonderful dessert.
How to cook: in 100g milk add 100g . of white flour, a pinch of salt mixed with one egg, a tablespoon of sugar. Gently blend all the ingredients - the dough should get creamy . Now is the time to add a few tablespoons of vegetable oil and pour in the rest of the milk (200 g.) . The dough should resemble a fresh cream. Melt a tablespoon of butter in a small frying pan over medium-high heat. Pick the pan up off the heat, pour a little dough while you rotate your wrist, tilting the pan so the dough makes a circle and coats the bottom. The pancakes should be very thin. Return the pan to the heat. Cook it for 90 seconds. Carefully lift up an edge of the pancakes to see if it's fully cooked: the edges will be golden and it should have brown spots on the surface. Flip the pancakes over and cook the other side for 1 minute.
Transfer pancakes to a plate lined with a clean kitchen towel.