Affresco Caravan Chelsea Georgian Izumi Sato Cinaras


He was our guest. He is a famous gambler,
Adventurer. His name is Ostap Bender.
Time and again, always risking his head,
He sought a dozen chairs, seldom getting ahead.
But never ever did he try to cheat
Or disappoint the Caravan he loved,
Respected; though he did not find,
While sat and dined in our restaurant,
That sought by him the lucky chairs are
So calmly furnished in our Caravan.

The restaurant is named in honor of the classic, similar satirical novel “Twelve Chairs” by the Odessan Soviet writers I. Ilf and I. Petrov and released in 1927. The restaurant is filled with the inimitable intonations of the main character of the novel, Ostap Bender, which helps set an atmosphere of modest fascination with the bourgeoisie.